Smart Library Management System

Smart Library Management System


     Smart Library management System(SLMS) is a part of institutional management that focuses on particular set of issues faced by librarians and students. This project aims to propose a smart solution for our department library in ECE department, ANITS by designing a system  by using the concepts of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Internet of Things(IoT). The new system will manage and control all the information of the library and will provide several benefits for the staff & students.

  • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Web Services (RESTful API)
  • Cloud Computing (AWS)
  •  Application Development (React.js)
  • PCB Designing (Altium)
  • PCB Fabrication (JLC PCB)
  • Board Bring-up


Latest Version 5.15– March 30 2019
Mobile Application for students
Software loaded in PC for librarian
UHF RFID Reader for book scanning
Passive tags for inventory of 1000 books
Notification Services for Students
Scanning facility of 10 books at a time


4/4 ECE-B (2015-19) ROLL : 315126512081


4/4 ECE-B (2015-19) ROLL : 315126512138


Dr. V. Rajya Lakshmi

Professor and HOD

Special Thanks to our beloved project guide for offering ultimate support and assistance to accomplish our real-time project in a smooth way within the given time.It was very helpful to have someone who has had experience with lot of previous projects to offer guidance and direction in the most efficient way. It was our honor to work under her guidance.


Mr. T. Surya Swaroop

Director & CTO

Special Thanks for taking time from your busy schedule to help us with our real-time project. Your assistance was invaluable in helping our project team in getting everything done in a very timely manner. Your expertise and technical support were both appreciated during a time which can be stressful for all concerned! We are glad that we got a chance to work under your guidance.

[Version 1.0] – 2018-08-01
## [Unreleased]
###Design Constraints:
- SOC: ESP8266
- GPRS Module: USR-GM3
- RTC: DS1337
- Lead Acid Battery Charging Circuit
- 12V 7.5AH Lead Acid Battery Auto cut-off circuit
- MIC29302WU circuit for 3.8V supply
- 12V fixed supply 7812 circuit for RFID

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[Version 2.8] – 2018-09-15
[Hardware Version-2]
- MCP73213 circuit for dual-cell Li-Ion battery charging
- MT3608 circuit Boost Converter
- MAX3232 Logic Level Converter for interfacing UHF RFID Reader and SOC
- Replaced NodeMCU-8266 with NodeMCU-32s
- Replacement of S9014 used in voltage divider circuit for serial communication with MMDT3904-7-F
- Replaced two individual WORK & GPRS LEDs with a single Bi-colour LED
- Replaced two individual transistors used for driving WORK & GPRS LED with a single dual channel transistor
- 7812 linear regulator circuit
- Battery Auto cut-off circuit
- 47uF tantalum capacitor, reload switch, LINKA, LINKB, DATA LEDs and LED driving transistor circuit from GM3 interfacing circuit
###Implemented Enhancements
- Decreased size of board by 1cm2
- Decreased current rating and space by replacing Lead acid battery with Li-Ion dual cell battery
[Software Version-0.8]
- Developed configuration software for EEPROM table creation, deletion and updating such as school ID, RFID, date and time
[Version-3.9] – 2018 -10-17
[Hardware Version -3]

- MT1470 Buck Converter circuit for 3.8V supply
- Added FS3332 for battery protection
- Replaced dual-channel MOSFET APM4953 with individual single n-channel MOSFET KIA3407A
- Replaced SS34 SMC package with B304A-13-f SMA package
- Replaced generic 32.768kHz crystal with 32.768kHz SMD package
- Fixed NodeMCU-32s footprint issue
- Correction of input & battery switching voltage with the use of KIA3407A n-channel enhancement node MOSFET
- Non-linear voltage regulator MIC29302 circuit
- Capacitors in GM3 and SIM card interfacing circuit
[Software Version - 0.9]
- Automatic date and time entry in configuration software using DS1337 RTC
- Fixed reading issue in configuration software
[Version – 4.14] – 2019-02-20
[Hardware Version - 4]
- SMBJ5.0CA TVS diode
- KIA3407A n-channel enhancement mode MOSFET
- LTC4054ES5-4.2#TR battery charging circuit
- DW02A battery protection circuit
- XC6214P332PR circuit for 3.3V supply
- AMS1117-ADJ LDO regulator circuit for 3.8V supply
- APM4953KC-TRG dual channel MOSFET for switching
- RF100 UHF RFID module
- Some capacitors and resistors in GM3 and SIM card interfacing circuit
- SRV-4.TCT for ESD protection
- MCP73213 battery charger circuit
- FS3332 battery protection circuit
- MAX3232ESE+T Logic Level Converter
- MT1470 Buck Converter circuit
- Two KIA3407A n-channel enhancement mode MOSFETs
- Transistorised voltage-divider circuit from GM3 circuit
- ESDA6V8AV6-6/TR ESD protection
###Changed - Replaced dual cell Li-Ion battery circuit with single cell Li-Ion battery circuit
- Replaced ESDA6V8AV6-6/TR ESD protection with SMBJ5.0CA
###Implemented Enhancements
- TVS diode SMBJ5.0CA for surge protection
- KIA3407A n-channel enhancement mode MOSFET for reverse polarity protection
- APM4953KC-TRG dual channel MOSFET for switching between input MAINS and battery backup unit
- Optimised DW02A single cell battery protection circuit when compared to DW01A circuit
- On-board RF100 UHF RFID module which uses 5V supply unlike previous RFID reader which used 12V supply
[Software Version - 0.14]
- UI changed
- Sudden crashing issue of configuration software fixed
- Additional features like Wi-Fi connectivity and server port entry added
[Version – 5.1.14] – 2019-03-06

- atmega328p-mu microcontroller circuit
- AP2127K-ADJ-TRG1 circuit for 3.8V supply
- PL2303SA USB to Serial Bridge Controller
- XC6214P332PR circuit
- AMS1117 circuit
###Implemented Enhancements
- PL2303SA USB to Serial Bridge Controller for dedicated configuration of GM3 module
[Version 5.2.14] – 2019-03-11
###Implemented Enhancements

- Optimised PCB tracking and placement of components
- Resolved on-board space constraints

12th Mar 2019
10th Nov 2018
Compatible OS
Windows, Linux, MAC
Compatible Browsers
Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Opera , Safari
Mobile Platform
Android, IOS
Hardware Version
SOC: NodeMCU-32s
RTC: DS1337
GPRS Module: USR-GM3
UHF RFID Module : RF100
UHF RFID Ceramic Antenna
Alien Higgs3 passive tags
Single cell Li-Ion battery
TVS and ESD Protection
Power unit: APM4953, MT3608,AP2127
Battery unit: LTC4054, DW02A
Read Range
around 2-3 Meters
Software Version
Programming Languages
React.js, Native React, Embedded C
Well documented
SLMS, UHF, UHF RFID, IoT, Cloud Computing,

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