Blogs are the major source to earn income with less investment and a little more effort. Millions of bloggers have started their successful journey through their personal blogs. Blogs could contain any content of common user interests. Blogging is the initial step to get habituated to read people’s mind and set out what type of content gets high traffic rate. Blogs contain solutions to technical problems, personal look out, anonymous confessions, suggestions, traditions, history and so on covering wide area of subjects in every field. Blogs are very simple to create and maintain. Students can also be encouraged to create their own blogs and build up a strong profile for them. They can post any content that is useful to at least one or satisfying himself/ herself. They can upload their projects, their home works, the solutions they come across while solving a undefined problem, personal suggestions unless they are vague content. This can be good source of income if we work for 3-4 hours per day on it, this could bring up great results. A strong blog is always given the top preference in any interviews or outsourcing.