Maker's Zone :

Students/ Technophiles or professionally called as “Makers” with innovative ideas reach out these places. Their goal is to build a product or something innovative out of something waste or not yet born. These zones are set up with no restrictions or rules. People come in here and do any small or big can be for fun or dream or out of interest. The valuable asset is the thought process that they put into their innovation. This creates another ten ideas to the people who approach the innovation and try to study and enhance it. Outcomes of this platform can range from creating a tool for fun to designing a product that could compete in market. Bringing up talents beyond expectations needs no-bounded platform for them to open up their thoughts.
Handcuffed people lock up their thoughts and eventually their thoughts, dreams die. So, they need 
freedom of expression to shape their talents into reality. We create an opportunity for such enthusiasts to come and explore their thoughts. We encourage such talents to work with their dream projects and provide them with every resource we can. Every step we take in this sector always lends us a positive hope and outcome of great talents in the society. These zones can be placed anywhere with sufficient ground to utilize the resources and shoot their ideas. We can setup makerspaces in colleges, institutions or schools where fresh talents are in blossoming stage. This is when they need enrichment to their thoughts and maker zones develop their dreams to reality.