Online Courses :

Apart from offline courses being provided, online courses will also be made available to the people who cannot afford travelling to the location of offline courses. Now-a-days, internet usage is widely increasing in each part of the world. So, people prefer to learn everything online rather than reading in books and listening to offline classes. We have a strong technical team and teaching professionals who can teach lessons online or upload learning courses without haste. Our technical team can fit in any technology in lesser time because of the zeal and passion in them. They follow the policy of learn and let learn. So whenever they learn and become expertise in any field or technology, they spread their knowledge to more people and enhance their skill technically and in terms of communication too. So, we can upload courses in different subjects and domains and provide wider perspective to many aficionados.

The domains for online courses will take the example domains that are specified for workshops. Where workshops provide an overview of the domain, the similar course on that domain gives a clear cut image and a deep insight in that domain. So, online courses are far better than offline as they save time and cost of travel. In case of online tutorials, they can view the videos any time they want to. They can view it any number of times, experiment it hands-on any number of times by watching the course and learning correspondently. Paid courses will also provide certifications for their expertise in that field. These certification courses will be helpful for them in near future may be in placements, projects, challenges, competitions etc.