Research & Development :

We not only do hands-on project but also carry out many R&D projects. Research in IOT domain was our highest bestir. We have developed products for many clients after a lot of research for their specifications. Researching and developing has become an addiction for us. Every time we get a proposal for a project, we implement it and also research for future enhancement. This gives us ideas of new innovations or products or a different platform. Our researches have been in many fields like agriculture, aquaculture, water quality management, IOT applications, networking and many. There is still a lot places where research and development should step into. Due to the lack of knowledge over the domain, many assume the existing one’s as perfect finish but there is always a hidden enhancement over any finished good or product that we assume to be perfect. That process of digging out the flaws needs research and a lot of it can make it to development of a new being.