Workshops :

Workshops have always been a platform where we can mutually learn and implement our ideas. These follow “spend less-learn more” paradigm. These kinds of events help us in learning course content within short span of time and give an insight of the technology and its usability. Workshops are easier to conduct and manage which requires less team and sufficient audience to gather. They develop a skill that is afresh and come out with knowledge of barking technology in mind.

Technologies we prefer:
                        ● Internet of Things
                        ● Artificial Intelligence
                        ● Virtual Reality/ Augmented Reality
                        ● Machine Learning
                        ● Bionics
                        ● Neural Networks
                        ● Biomedical
                        ● Agriculture/Aquaculture/Horticulture
                        ● Industrial Automation
                        ● Cloud Computing
                        ● Embedded System
                        ● Board Bring Up/ PCB Designing & Fabrication
                        ● Robotics
                        ● 3D Printing/ 3D Scanning
                        ● Mechatronics
These are some of the trending sectors everyone is getting into. They get hands on experience on the technologies we offer on. Conducting workshops on these platforms provides them knowledge on latest technologies used by many MNC’s now. This helps them in job opportunities way earlier than others without these skills.